Abu Tahay’s discussion with UK foreign office mininter The Rt Hon Hugo Swire MP and Party


           We have learned that Abu Tahay @ U Thar Aye (Head of Political Affairs) of NDPD discussed about the Rohingya Issues with UK foreign office minister The Rt Hon Hugo Swire MP and Party as follows:
         We very much appreciate your constructive engagement with Union of Myanmar because of some positive signs that Government is moving toward the democracy and national reconciliation but Rohingya is excluded.
            Ancient Arakanese, Rohingya were descendents of Indo – Aryan converted into Islam in 8 AD and the racial admixture of Arab (788 AD – 810AD) plus persian (700AD – 1500AD) plus Bengali (1400AD-1736AD)plus Mogul (1600AD). Rohingyas is  one of Ethnic group of the union of Myanmar mostly living in Rakhine state. There is no an Iota of doubt in fact of so Rohingya are  ancient settlers of Rakhine, not immigrants during the British time.
            There were thousands of war captives brought from East Bengal by Rakhine King. There had been slave hunting business for centuries and also had been combatants. (12) territories of chittagong area was the subjection to Rakhine King from 1495 to 1666 and Rakhine was realm of Bengal King. These were happened before 1823.That is why they were not massive infiltrators from Bengladesh.
            The name of Rohang/Roshang/Raham is the old name of Arakan (Rakhine).Thus  from Rohang its people is Rohingya.So Rohingya is a historical term but is not a political creation.
            A Bengladeshi is very distinctive in the midst of Rohingya by accent of dialect,  culture, dresses and wearing but  same in faith only. There are some ethnic races such as Rakhine,  Sak, Dinet, Baruwas etc in Myanmar as well as in Bengaladesh both sides of whom are same in faith, culture & language but only accusation  on Rohnigya who profess Islam. There is functioning Government mechanism & is also full enforcement of law. No one easily can infiltrate into Myanmar. If so measures to be taken to all regardless of religion.
            Even though Rohingya’s culture, Literature, and Language are different from Rakhine but similar to ancient vesali Age.
            Many got a wrong image of Mujahids as well as Rohingya. Many think mujahids & Rohingya are same but totally different cases. Rohingya is a historical term of name of ethnic community but Mujahid, name of armed insurgents.
            MR, A.Jinna of pakistan & Boyoke Aung Sun conceded that religion question will be within Burma and the Rohingya muslim, resided east of Naf river there on will be Burmese Citizen on 7th January 1947.
            Rohingya is one of Ethnic community recognized by previous parliamentary Government in accordance with 1948 citizenship Acts as have settled in any territories included within the union as a homeland prior to 1823.
           Rohingya Ethnic language programme was granted to announce trice weekly from Myanmar Radio 2nd channel from May 15, 1961 to October 1 , 1965.
            Past Parliamentary Government & Revolutionary council of Myanmar also granted Mayu frontier Area, 75% of Rohingya people living Area comprising of Maung Daw Tsp, Buthi Daung Tsp & Western Rathi Daung Tsp from May 1, 1961 to Feb 1, 1964 as special administration by central Government.
            Rohingya people were eligible to run the member of parliament according to 1947, 1974 & 2008 constitutions in all elections held.
            It is a measure of recognization of Rohingya as bonafide citizens of the union of Myanmar so that 1982 citizenship law, articles of associate citizenship & naturalized citizenship are not applicable to them  who held Legal documents  by  generations or seizing it by authorities under pretext of issuing new one known as TRC (White card), a design to degrade Rohingya from bonafide citizen to non-bonafide citizen.
            Present day denial of Rohingya Ethnic community & citizen by birth contradicts the Right of citizens stated that no bonafide citizen shall be revoked in accordance with law.
            Ethnic conflict in Myanmar is started that 135 Indigenous races  has been catalogued in Myanmar which has no legality or  authority and by promulgating 1982 citizenship law in order to make deliberately the Rohingya non-bonafide citizens which contradicts the 2008 constitution & universal Declaration of Human Rights.
            We have submitted monograph of Rohingyas as native race under law and by natural birth to the presidents of the Union of Myanmar but also to parliaments and respective ministries on September 26, 2011, 28 of June 2012 and July 4, 2012 to resolve the issues but still remains unresolved.
            We are in opinion that restrictions imposed such as movement, marriage. health care, professional study, land confiscations, House maintenance, Religious building renovation, Business etc are tend to be systematic repression and human rights violation and not toward solutions for durable peace & stability in Myanmar but also for the world.
            In the point of view of all inclusive National reconciliation, Genuine reform, peaceful co-existence, perfect amity and share, Rohingya issues should be resolved through dialogue method by lawful means.

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