RNDP Insults Islam and Muslims

RNDP Insults Islam and Muslims

Kyaw Swar Win
RB News
December 27, 2012

(Translated into English by M.S. Anwar)

The Writings in the RNDP’s News Letter for Development Insulting Islam and Muslims 
The Translation of the Writings

In addition to having permission to celebrate their religious festivals without any objection, Mosques very often produce unlimited noise and disturbances (like Oxen Bellowing) to the environment. Unlike other so-called democratic countries where there are only limited permission for killing animals on Eid festivals, in Myanmar, animals can be bought, tortured and killed unlimitedly if one has money.

Though Myanmar people are using the term “Myanmar Muslims living in Myanmar” in their news and newspapers, it is high time for them (Myanmar people) to realize that when Rohingyas are touched and affected, both the so-called Myanmar Muslims, the most opportunistic animal-like-humans, living in Myanmar and the Muslims all over the world feel from the side of Rohingyas and their pains.

RNDP (Rakhine National Development Party) is the strongest political party in Arakan and responsible for causing violence against Muslims in Arakan in June and October, 2012. RNDP has insulted and abused Islam and Muslims living in Myanmar in such a way mentioned-above.

In the monthly news letter for development, (Vol.2, No.12 and Published in November), RNDP compared Muslims in Myanmar with animals. (Read the translation above.) Concerning the religious insult, Haji U Hla Win from Myanmar Muslim Affairs Organization wrote a complaint letter to the president’s office.
It was reported that the Election Commission called up some members of RNDP to NayPyiTaw and warned them regarding the issue. Such Religious Insults and Abuses are serious international crimes and sometimes capital punishments are given to the abusers by the respective countries. Yet, Myanmar government just concluded the crime without any punishments, by mere warning.
Besides, RNDP ruthlessly insulted OIC and Islamic Nations in their previous statements. Most of the displaced people in June and October violence are Muslim Rohingyas and Kamans. The humanitarian aids such as temporary shelters, foods etc donated by Saudi Arabia and other Islamic nations are given to the all of the displaced people regardless of race and religion. Recently BBC stated that although displaced Rohingyas in Pauktaw Tsp are living in open-fields, Rakhine Buddhists are living comfortably and healthily in the tents and with the foods donated by Saudi Arabia.
Dr. Aye Maung, the chairman of RNDP, is the one who has been fuelling the violence started in June to become bigger and bigger through different means. However, until today, the central government of Myanmar hasn’t prosecuted or punished him for his disregard to the rule of law of the country and trying to be above the law in every action.
“The government doesn’t punish those who throw insults or abuses towards Islam. The radical Monk, U Wira Thu, is one of those who openly insult Islam. It has been a long time that Aye Maung of RNDP has been behaving ruthlessly and lawlessly. If the government really wants to punish the culprits behind the violence in Arakan, they have to arrest and punish Aye Maung first. Since the government itself is behind all the violence, whatever it (the government) has been doing in the name of calming down the situation in Arakan are all show-offs. Will Muslims be happy with the mere warning to RNDP for their ruthless insults against Islam? It is very important for the government to handle the case properly and effectively” said a local Muslim in Yangon.

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