Wife Punished for Her Husband Escaped from Nasaka Lock-up

16 January 2013
Qutub Shah
RB News
January 16, 2013
(Edited by Mayu Thit Sar)
Maungdaw: January 14, at midnight, in Kyauk Pando (Shita Furikka) village of Southern Maungdaw Township, the villager Eliyas s/o Habiullah was arrested from his house by the chief of Kyauk Pando Nasaka (Border Security Force) Camp. He was severely tortured soon after he got arrested although he didn’t know what went wrong with him. He was in the lock-up of Nasaka since then. It was his luck that he was able to convince the in-charge of the lock-up to release him after promising for a ransom.
Eliyas secretly ran away from the lock-up. But, unfortunately, he couldn’t get rid of those evil hands yet. The Nasaka came again to his house to arrest him again in the evening on January 15 but he wasn’t at home at that time. By not finding him, the extremist Nasaka arrested his wife, Tasnim d/o Fazal Hoque, 19 and his brother-in-law Abu Bakar and cousin Shafika d/o Oli Ahmed, 18. They were brought to the Nasaka camp in handcuffs.
The cruel and brutal Nasaka kept the two women in the lock-up and forced them to be half naked along with other arrestees torturing, touching and teasing after getting blind drunk. It was good fortune that they were not raped.
According to the report of a villager to RB News, today afternoon, both the women were released after being extorted 100,000 Kyats from each.
Buthidaung: Some police officers from Buthidaung Township went to the house of Shaker s/o Umar Miah from Ward No. 7 (Jabbarfara) for arrestment. Shaker raised a question to the police why would be arrested as he realized that those police came to arrest him. The police gave the false allegation that he helped the robbers and looked after them. Finally, in spite of his penury, he had to pay 500,000 Kyats to the police to save his life from their arrestment and torture.
A resident of Buthidaung told RB News that “We are like a material for making money for the police, military and Nasaka. Actually they are worse than robbers. All cash belong to us are being taken by them. They are arresting Rohingya people without any reason, just to pull the cash from us. I would love to pay them if they beg from us like beggars but now their attitude toward on us is less than robbers.”
Source by RB News:


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