Rohingyas: The Black-Sheeps Within

  • Rohingyas: The Black-Sheeps Within
    Sunday, January 27, 2013The writings here may be self-deprecating. But the sincere truth-seekers deserve to know how and why there are some blacksheeps (in other words, puppets or stooges of Burmese regime) in Rohingya community. In fact, it is not new and strange for a community that has been enslaved for decades. Hereby, it is worth to wonder how and why Bhagat Singh (the pioneer of the Indian Revolution against British Colonialists), Mahatma Gandhi, Saya San (the pioneer of Burmese Farmer Revolution against the British Colonialists) and Gen. Aung San etc got arrested, killed or assassinated? Didn’t all these happen because of the puppets within their own communities?

    Being an enslaved and persecuted community, Rohingya community, too, has the puppets within them, recruited and hired by the authority. It is no longer secret to anyone that Rohingyas are one of world’s persecuted people (in fact, the most persecuted people in the world we should say). And since June 10, 2012, there has been a state-sponsored and systematic ethnic cleansing or genocide has been being carried out against them.

    Historically, Rohingyas are sons of the indigenous proto-Australoid people called Negritos and Indo-Aryans of Arakan, who were once recognized as an ethnic group of Burma and among the legitimate citizens of Burma. Since 1962, they have become the victims of persecutions on account of their different ethnic origin and religion. They have been being made educationally backward, economically crippled and religiously persecuted. In short, they have been being degenerated mentally and physically. On the other hand, Burmese regime has made “doing puppets or acting as stooges to them” as if it is the only exit to the economic hardships of Rohingyas or their unemployment problems.

    Especially after June 2012, Rohingyas are boycotted and their access to foods and medicines are blocked led by Rakhine extremists and Skinned Head Fascists in Saffron with the support of the authority in Arakan. The boycott has been leading to serious famine just like in Ethiopia from 1983 throughout 1985, severe malnutrition and diseases both in the camps of displaced Rohingya and other neglected areas of Rohingyas all over Arakan. In such situations, it has become easier for the Burmese regime to attract more uneducated and unintellectual Rohingyas to act as their stooges. From the point of these Rohingya stooges, it is their fight for survival no matter they need to suck own people’s blood. But who are the ultimate culprits to send Rohingyas to the edge of such extremely vulnerable condition? Below are the two examples on two Rohingya puppets hired by the authority in Maung Daw.

    There is the chairman of quarter 5, Maung Daw, Khin Maung @ Baasayr S/o Laalu, who was appointed after the former chairman got arbitrarily arrested by the Barbaric Police in the township. He was once imprisoned due to narcotrafficking. He, in cooperation with Enus, another puppet from the village, extorted approximately Kyat 30 Millions from the villagers in the recent time. He charged Kyat 0.15 Million per house in the quarter in the name of fulfilling NaSaKa (Border Security Force)’s demands in the ongoing operation against Rohingyas. It might or might not be with approval higher authority, he is certainly and deeply troubling the people with cooperation of lower level authority in Maung Daw.

    One more famous puppet is U Roshid (F) U Khawlil Rahman, 45 years, from Shwe Zarr village tract, North hamlet, Maungdaw. He is totally an alliterated person and came of very poor family background. He started collaborating with NaSaKa from Camp 14, under NaSaKa area (6) about four years ago. And he is always famous for reporting false information. Besides, he is involved in many illegal crossed-border businesses in partner with Maung Daw Police and Rakhine extremists. There is a Hla Sein, a second lieutenant Police (a Rakhine extremist), who works with this puppet. On top of that, he was used by Rakhine extremists and Rakhine Police to instigate violence in June 2012. NaSaKa Captain U Kyaw Myint from the said Camp 14 with the help of this puppet has extorted millions of money (Kyats) from the innocent villagers of Shwe Zarr, Maung Daw, since June 2012.

    These puppets are two examples of many puppets bred by the authority in Arakan. If the higher or central government is not involved in this, they should directly take actions against all those who are behaving above the law and for acting without their (central authority’s) permission. Last but not the least, betrayals, being puppets and acting stooges are not new to any enslaved community as mentioned. As most of Rohingyas are systematically made uneducated , they are unable to steadfast, too naive to know who their real oppressors are and it is beyond to their intellect to be able to know how to fight against them. If the International communities and Rohingya Intellectual do not effectively stand up to save them, they are bound to be exterminated.

    source : Facebook

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