A Review on Dr. Wakar Uddin’s Interview with RVision

A Review on Dr. Wakar Uddin’s Interview with RVision

Ne Myo Win
RB Analysis
January 28, 2013
RVision is a Rohingya Media Network especially focused on Visual Media such as Internet TV and it is intended to be a Regular Television Channel sooner or later. One of the main reasons behind the foundation of RVision is to create global awareness of the grave injustices and atrocities being carried out against Rohingya Community in Arakan. As so, it has been vigorously working on reporting on the daily of Rohingya Situation, Making Analyses, Discussions and arranging interviews with the concerned and distinguished people whenever it is necessary.
Last week, RVision led by its Managing Director, Mohammed Noor, arranged a fruitful interview with Dr. Wakar Uddin, Professor at Pennsylvania State University and Director General of Arakan Rohingya Union (ARU), regarding the achievements of ARU in the last two-year term, its future plans and how ARU sees to end the ongoing pogroms of Rohingyas and the humanitarian disasters they are facing. The video of the interview of Dr. Wakar Uddin with Mohammed Noor can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abWeEaRYFWo
Unfortunately, I happened to be one of those who were not so pleased with the way Dr. Wakar the discussed and responded to the questions of the achievements of ARU in the last two-year term and its future missions. To me, it seems that most of his statements are self-contradictory and twisting. Some people who don’t agree to me on this point may come up against me and with due respects and sincere apology, I’d like to say I have my own rights to differ. In accordance with Dr. Wakar Uddin, in short, everything can be done through DIPLOMACY.
Therefore, according to Dr. Wakar, ARU has achieved many things of Rohingyas in the last two years through Diplomacy, Speeches and Conferences on international Level, EU Level, with OIC, in UN so on and so forth. What are those many achievements? And the achievements are too confidential to tell everyone! On being asked how ARU will progress in the future, it will be also through DIPLOMACY. In fact, an endless diplomacy!
One of the main objectives behind the formation of ARU is to reinstate the citizenship for Rohingyas in Burma. But how will ARU achieve it? Through Diplomacy? Why will Burmese Tyrannical Regime and Rakhine terrorists bother to sit down and have a talk with Rohingya leaders, the poison-less snakes? Why will they hesitate to root out these Rohingyas who, according to them, are influx viruses? Isn’t it worth to think out? Why will United States or others be serious enough to solve Rohingyas’ crises, from whom nothing can be benefitted? Anyone with right sense does know what Human Rights mean to the self-centered capitalists in the west? I don’t want to get into these details lest I should be deviated from the main point.
In fact, diplomacy has its limits and is not infinite but finite. Diplomacy bears no fruits without the back-up of arms struggling. We don’t need to be afraid of taking the term ARMS. Indeed, it will be for self-defense and the survival. The evil-in-human-form-made humanitarian disasters that Rohingyas and Kamans have been facing are no longer secrets to anyone. Not even to the President Barack Hussein Obama! Yet, it will not to be surprised, if Rohingyas take up arms no matter it is for their fight for survival, they will be branded as terrorists. It is a common misconception about Muslims whether they are extremists or not. Karen, Kachins, Rakhine and Shans, all, have been carrying out arm resistances for decades and they are freedom fighters. Indeed, they are fighting for their freedoms. But why can’t the same logic can be applied to Rohingyas or others? George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were once branded as terrorists by the respective colonial governments. But what are their statuses now even though the former two passed away?
Coming back to the point, towards the end of the interview, Dr. Wakar Uddin was asked about the challenge to him by Dr. Aye Chan, a Rakhine historian at Kanda University Japan. Dr. Wakar replied “it is their sole purpose to instigate and make me commit a mistake. They know that I am not a historian even though I have ample of knowledge on the history of Arakan. As so, they later want to exploit it and make a mountain out of a molehill. The purpose of the challenge is not constructive and the challenge is not aimed for peace between the communities. Even though he himself calls an intellectual, his behavior is like a street thug. Besides, Dr. Aye Chan, a mandate-less person, is publicity hunger and trying to get exposure out of this. Even, the forthcoming debate of Htay Lwin Oo (with Dr. Aye Chan) will give the critically required publicity to him (Dr. Aye Chan). That is what he (Dr. Aye Chan) wants.”
Last but not the least, Rohingyas and Kamans are facing a death race against time. Working through mere diplomacy will not be able to save them. By the time ARU achieves something for them through Diplomacy, none of them will remain alive in Arakan.
(My reviews here are not to demean anyone but mere opinions of mine. The readers are invited to leave their own comments or thoughts on the interview. Any form of suggestions or criticisms towards me is heartily welcome.)
Ne Myo Win is living in Myanmar and prefers not to be detailed. The writings here are of the author’s own and do not, by any means, reflect the editorial policy of RB.

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