Nurul Islam, the leader of the Diaspora Arakan Sivas demand for peace-keeping force

27 January 2013

Nurul Islam, the leader of the Diaspora Arakan Sivas demand for peace-keeping force

Source Haber Monitor:

30.12.2012 19:52

Arakan Diaspora leader Nurul Islam,”Muslims of Burma Remove the protection of the United Nations and Turkey, resolution, there would request the provision of a peacekeeping force if necessary.

Arakan Diaspora leader Nurul Islam,”the principles of the United Nations and Turkey decided to remove the protection of the Muslims of Burma, there are demands for the provision of a peacekeeping force if necessary.”he said.

came to participate in the program in Sivas, Nurul Islam, met with members of the press Anatolian Youth Association told us that their oppression. Islam, Turkey, whom they regarded as their own problems and the problems of the Muslim minority in the world, thanks to Adopt began his speech by.”

going from place to place, even an animal, we can not go anywhere in the country, evlenemiyoruz without permission. Burmese government pressure in it not only, raiding homes and do not give us the right to life, to kill innocent of genocide are doing.”Islam says,”These pressures were maintained for up to the month of July, but since then turned into genocide prints. Actually, there is no problem with any of Buddhists and Muslims, but the current government has made torsion is the result of discrimination.”he said.

” since July 5 B up more than became a Muslim”& lt; br/>


” Tibetan Buddhist leader wants to turn Palestine”& lt; br/>

the United States THE DECISION brings peace”& lt; br/>

We take protection of national Burma’dan is not possible. Our only lead is an international protection. Alone, this protection are very inefficient.”Islam says,”24 December, on the protection of U.S. national congress of the bill voted and Burma government Rohenya Rohenya Muslims Muslims excluded from the decision of the advice citizenship on equal terms again, only this decision, we do not believe that permanent. This decision will not lasting peace.”defended the view.

Burma citizenship law of 1982 to ensure equal rights for Muslims who want to change, and Islam, the United Remove the protection of Burmese Muslims from Turkey and there Nations resolution demanded that the provision of a peacekeeping force if necessary.


Arakan Leader Islamic Diaspora, by conviction, not enough aid to Turkey, arguing that more efforts should be shown for the solution of the original problem, he added.

Nurul Islam, External Relations Officer of the Nizam Al Hasan also accompanied them. Do not have anyone showing faaleiyet aid agencies at a press conference in Sivas, IHH, Cansuyu, The Tree of Life Association, Mazlumder, Dostel and Lighthouse representatives were also present.

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