Government opens up opportunity for Rakhines to attack Rohingyas

Government opens up opportunity for Rakhines to attack Rohingyas

QS Madani
RB News
February 7, 2013
Maungdaw: On February 1, at around 9pm, Captain Wai Phyo Thet, head of Nasaka sub camp no. (24), Region 4, located in Kyain Chaung (Bawli Bazar), guarded by Inspector Aung Than Kyaw and other Nasaka personnel, raided the house of Abu Tayub s/o Yunus (34 years old) hailed from Kyain Chaung (Bawli Bazar), under pretext of criminal investigation while they were really lusting to extort money on a fabricated or alleged charge. Though they tried to enter the house and arrest Abu Tayub, they failed and returned empty handed. However, he on the following day, had to pay them 650,000 Kyats in order to escape from any further undesired move by the authority.
Min Bya: On February 3, a young boy named Mohammed Kareem s/o Mohammed Taher from Sangreeboung village tract, Min Bya Township, went hunting to the nearby mountain. The xenophobic Rakhine terrorists, meeting him here, beat him so vehemently that he was seriously wounded in head.
Mrauk-U: On February 3, owing to the shortage of foods, medicines and shelter, two Rohingya men, Abdul Gaffar s/o Abdul Jabber, 27 and Mohammed Khan s/o Kala Ali, 20, both from Reedafara village, Mrauk-U, had passed away.
Kyauktaw: There is a mountain in Nairaing village tract, Kyauktaw Township, where, according to eye-witness, many Rakhine mutineers have been staying secretly to traumatize the oppressed Rohingya and terrorize them. The Satan government, in spite of knowing that very well, does not take any action against them. It sounds that the government is internally opening up an opportunity for Rakhines to terrorize Rohingyas afresh. Consequently, many Rohingyas are getting ready to leave for neighboring villages.

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