Slaves of Money, Myanmar Authorities

Slaves of Money, Myanmar Authorities


QS Madani
RB News
February 6, 2013
Maungdaw: On February 2, the officer-in-charge of SaRaPha in Inn Dinn (An Dang) tortured seriously and extorted 180,000 Kyats from 12 years old a Rohingya boy named Abdul Razak s/o Lal Mohammed from Inn Dinn village tract, instead of his father who was falsely accused by SaRaPha that he sends people to Malaysia. But the real human traffickers are ignored.
On February 1, at 9:00pm, the commander of Nasaka region 5, Ngakura, Major Win Hlaing, accompanied by ten Nasaka personnel raided on two Rohingya houses in Ouck Pyuma (Hansar Bil) village and arbitrarily arrested Zakaria s/o Noor Ahmed, 52, and his nephew Mohammed Osman s/o Sayedul Amin, 21, under no commitment of any crime. And then the Nasaka looked for Mohammed Rafiq s/o Abdul who used to say in his father-in-law, Zakaria’s house. However as he was not found coincidently, they began destructively investigating everything in the home to find out any reason to justify their arrest and then later to extort the money. But it was in vain. Finally, the two victims were detained accusing Zakaria that his son-in-law stays in his house and Mohammed Osman has kept foreign mobile number in his pocket. They are still in Nasaka lock-up and it is hoped that money will be final solution as usual.
On January 29, Nasaka from Kyauk Pando (Shita Furikka) camp of Nasaka region 8 extorted 250,000 Kyats from Kamal Hussein s/o Lal Mia, accusing him of going to Bangladesh illegally. The same day, extorted 250,000 Kyats from Abdul Amin s/o Nur Islam, accusing him of sending people to Malaysia. Hamidullah s/o Mohammed Salam was extorted 80,000 Kyats for sleeping a night at his Uncle’s house and 100,000 Kyat from Abdul Hakum s/o Yusuf without any reason. All the victims are from Kyauk Pando village.
Buthidaung: On January 30, the police of Buthidaung Township extorted 300,000 Kyats from Habibullah s/o Sayedul Rahman hailed from Ywa Nyo Taung (Rohingya Daung) Buthidaung by false accusation of human trafficking to Malaysia.
Min Bya: On January 31, two Rohingya from Lama Village (Limebawsar), went to the market that lies at Rakhine hamlet to buy some food items. The merciless Rakhines tortured them and robbed all the things that they bought and the money they had. Similarly, the next day four Rohingya from Muslim hamlet went to that Rakhine market and were also tortured and looted by Rakhines ogres.



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