Two girls ganged raped in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Two Rohingya girls-sisters- were ganged raped by Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) on February 18, at Ludaing village Maungdaw, according to a village Admin from Maungdaw Town on condition of anonymity.
“The two sisters were raped by a group of Nasaka personnel from Nasaka area No.5, in front of their mother yesterday, at about 10:00 pm in the house while their father was not present in the house.”
The victims were identified as Begum (18), not real name and Shamima (14), not real name (14), daughters of Ali ( not real name), hailed from Ludaing village of Maungdaw north.
A group of Nasaka personnel from Loungdon out post under Nasaka area number 5, went to the victims’ house to arrest their father –not in the house at that time – on February 18 and taking advantage of his absent, the security personnel forcibly ganged rapped the two sisters in front their mother and tried to attempt to rape the victims’ mother, but failed for her resistance. . However, their mother was severely beaten up by the Nasaka personnel, said a close relative of the victims who denied to be named for the security reason.
While trying to contact the Nasaka official- Loungdon out post- about the rape, but the officer didn’t answer and comment.
The Nasaka personnel also entered other five houses in that village to arrest villagers but villagers were ran away from their houses for fear of arrest by security forces, said a youth from the village who preferred not to be named for the security reason.
Rohingya women are not safe in Maungdaw from Burmese security forces. The honor, dignity and life of Rohingya women are threatened. The villagers have been living in panic position since February 10 for the accident of one Rakhine and four Rohingya minor kids killed by unknown miscreants in Nyaung Bin Gyi Ywa Thit (Rakhine village) and Khaza Bill (Sapaikone) village.

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