Is it a crime being Muslim in Burma?

Thursday, February 21, 2013  , , , , ,

Source Bangla Times:
February 21, 2013
By Mohamed Farooq
The Burmese Government has been distorting centuries-existence of Rohingya in Arakan, Burma to illegal immigrants from neighboring country Bangladesh. Bangladesh uttered controversially that Rohingya are not her citizens and they are citizens of Burma for hundreds of years passing still today.
One 03 June 2012, 8 Burmese Muslim pilgrims (Tabliq-e-Jamaat) from Yangon to Akyab, one bus helper and one woman were killed by Rakhine mob in Taunggok. But no one was arrested and no legal action for the killers yet. Since last 08 June 2012, thousands of Rohingya Muslims were killed and shot dead, thousands of houses burnt down, more than 100 Mosques torched into ashes and hundreds of Rohingya arrested mostly preferred to  the educated persons, wealthy men and youths, raping  till to die  or critically injured many women and teenage girls, looting specious properties like money and gold. But no killers and terrorists caught up yet More than 100,000 Rohingya People internally displaced into miserable camps where no adequate health care and food supplements. Old people, Children and pregnancy women are dying daily being lack of hygienic and sustainable environment. Where is justice and humanity for Muslims in Arakan, Burma?

On 19 February 2013, about 300 Buddhist racists attack a Burmese Muslim religious primary school (Maqtab) in Tharkaytar, Yangon. They destroyed the school into pieces. They looted and destroyed many textile shops, cellular and mobile shops and some mansions all are possessed by Burmese Muslims on 20 February 2013. Burmese Muslims are not Rohingya.  Are the Burmese Muslims illegal immigrants from another country like Rohingya pronounced by Burmese Government? The decisive fact is that the Buddhists hatred the whole vulnerable minority Muslims in different states and divisions of Burma.

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