Massive Joint Operations against Rohingya Passers-By

February 24, 2013

Maung Daw, Arakan- Starting from early morning yesterday, a joint operation by Police, NaSaKa (Border Security Force), SB2 (Special Branch Two) and others was carried out against Rohingya Passers-by in Maung Daw. More than 250 Rohingya passers-by Children, Men and Women were arrested and detained for no reason.

“From the early morning, three joint teams of Police, NaSaKa, SB2 and others encamped at three NaSaKa Camps in Maung Daw. The three NaSaKa camps are at Mayong Khali (Khala) Bridge, MyoThuGyi (Khala) Bridge and ShujaFara (Taak Khali) Bridge located respectively before the three entries to the downtown of Maung Daw. Then, they suddenly popped up and started arbitrarily arresting Rohingya Passers-by including children, women and men alike. More than 250 people were taken to the police custody in Maung Daw and kept in detentions where they were harassed. Later, they were released after extorting some amount of money from each of the detainee. Meanwhile, some of the detainees who had the White Cards (the Foreigners Registration Cards Issued to Rohingyas long ago) with them did not need to pay money for their release.

On 21st February 2013, U Hla Maung Tin, a Rakhine extremist himself and the head of the Rakhine State Administration, held separate meetings with Maung Daw Administration and other authority, Rakhine community and the religious heads of Rohingya Community. While what he discussed with Rakhine community and Maung Daw administration are not known, he discussed with the religious heads of Rohingyas on how to stabilize the regions and that too in a very nice way. He reportedly said that the violence had taken place accidentally and Rohingyas would not be the subject of the atrocities any more.

Now, Rohingyas suspect that the intention behind his coming to Maung Daw was to carry out the operations often and play mind games in order to cause terror in the minds of Rohingyas as a part of their psychological war tactics” said a Rohingya Elder from Maung Daw.

It is the critically final moment for Rohingya people in exile, international communities and government bodies to prepare for the effective actions to prevent the genocides of Rohingyas and Kamans rather than mere holding dialogues with the Burmese tyrants. Burmese regime has always been deaf to any genuine dialogues for peace. They never want peace for the different people and always lie after committing atrocities.


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