NaSaKa Sector (5) Authorities’ Legal Robbery in Maungdaw North

Thursday, February 21, 2013 QS_Madani,

Maungdaw: The incident of internal conflict of Rakhine in Myo Thit village (Rawsu Fara), Maungdaw North on February 10, 2013, has become a source of exploitation for Rakhines extremists and government authorities. They have been robbing legally from Rohingyas of neighboring villages under the pretext of investigation. NaSaKa in collaboration with SaRaPha [Military Security Associates] and armed Rakhine youths have been raiding villages one after another. Upon arriving to a house, they break into it; torture the householders, loot money, gold, clothes, and documents of land.

On February 11, 2013, the authorities launched their operation of ransacking in LuDaing village of DoeDang Village Tract and arrested following people including a women.

(1) Nazer Hussein s/o ? (50 years old)
(2) Kulsuma d/o Hameed Hussein (45 years old)
(3) Leyakot Ali s/o Serajul Islam (45 years old)
(4) Leyakot Ali s/o ? (30 years old)
(5) Bashar s/o Leyakot Ali (20 years old)
(6) Usman s/o Abdul Latif (18 years old)
(7) Mohammed Idris s/o Maulana Kabeer Ahmed (29 years old)
(8) Mohammed Hashem s/o Zawmeer (25 years old)
(9) Mohmmed Anas s/o Sayed Ahmed (20 years old)
(10) Kamal Hussein s/o Mohammed Hussein (22 years old)

Reportedly, four were killed in the first night among the arrestees.

The NaSaKa raided Ouk Pyu Ma village (Hasarbil) on February 12, 2013. On the following day they raided and looted 21 houses from Ahtet Pyu Ma village. They looted the food items from storage and owners were beaten and ordered to flee to Bangladesh.

“You are Bengali. We will do whatever we want.” the NaSaKa told to Eliyas, a victim in Ahtet Pyu Ma village. “You don’t’ want to leave the country because you can drink tasty coffee here?” a NaSaKa-man continued when he found a pack of Coffeemix at the house of Eliyas.

The NaSaKa continuously raided and looted 41 houses from DoeDang village, about 60 houses from Lake Aine village of Ngar Sar Kyoe Village Tract on February 14, 2013. They took away cash, gold, clothes, cooking pots, documents of land and properties, furniture and any other valuables and appliances that they came across.

As a result of arbitrary arrest, torture, extortion and plundering of properties and land worth millions, many families have fled their villages. All those who fled from their villages have been hiding in mountains and behind the dams. The seamless barbaric acts of NaSaKa, police and military, who do not have the sense of humanity, mercy and compassion, implanted endless fear in the hearts and mind of helpless Rohingyas.

The authorities have equipped each village of Rakhines settlers with four guns. The settlers have been openly carrying the guns and roaming in the markets and public places threatening local Rohingyas.

The authorities most responsible for crimes above are:

(1) Tun Tun Naing (Nasaka staff of sector 5)
(2) Moe Byan Tun (Military Security Associate, SaRaPha)
(3) Major Win Hlaing (Commander of Nasaka sector 5)


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