Why we are completely forgotten by world ,the main reason is merely we forgot our native place: Arakan, western Myanmar

Why we are completely forgotten by world ,the main reason is merely we forgot our native place: Arakan, western Myanmar

Posted: 26 Feb 2013

Fundamentally, the earth has been designated with full of varieties of creatures having mixed-colored   as dwelling at ease only for the super creature, human beings. Human beings deserved super dignity by birth naturally .The Creator Himself witnessed that the most good-looking creature on the earth surface is the only one: human being. Every human being both male and female is equal in the sight of God except the deeds. The main intention of creation human beings and jinns is to worship the God alone without any associates. According to the sacred teachings of glorious Quran we learnt that to let know the law to the man kinds particularly how to lead the life He, God sent the final Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) with final revelation Quran. There are two types of rights which are mandatory on us to fulfill strictly without any excuse for every individual: 1. rights of God, 2. rights of slave  and   two types of compulsory  duty : 1. Individual compulsory duty which is to be performed by every individual ,2. Commune compulsory duty which is to be performed by the society. After our death physically, we have to respond spiritually about each rights and duties individually.

To perform above mentioned mandatory duties it is extremely essential to be educated both male and female individually ‘’Our beloved Prophet(pbuh) stated that  it is compulsory for every individual both male and female to learn education  and stressed  to acquire knowledge  and these are some of his wise sayings about wisdom: The ink of the scholar is more holy than the blood of the martyr.The value of true learned human kinds is superior than the illiterate ones.Go in quest of knowledge even unto China.Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.’’. And we also learnt that ‘’education is the backbone of a nation’’. Apparently, if we think and ponder about education it is as vital as water to lead the life with prosperity and stability .By the way, if we watch carefully throughout the Rohingya commune  we are   mostly educated of  low syllabus and hardly few of higher syllabus around the whole Myanmar country  because the regime itself strategically  made us approached gradually  to darkened world of illiterate to make us lively-dead during  this  21 first century which is the era of  sophisticated technology world Of comfort and luxury. ‘’The main purpose of  why i expressed  emphatically above with more  illustrations about education is to be realized that  the stability and prosperity of a nation  depends upon the education of that nation.’’
Let’s consider thoroughly why we have been approached at least educated, statelessness and distressed situation eventually while the rest communes of respective races around the world are enjoying comfortably in this 21st century of technology era! During the dictatorship of General Ne Win, he passed strategic master planning  with his chauvinist Burma  armies how to permanently capture the state power and soon  he focused which ethnic group could dominate earlier then  finally he found that the utter  terrible disaster to tackle against  the martial law  is the only one race , Rohingya who are the oldest indigenous race of western Myanamr near bay of Bengal because Rohingya intellectuals of respective fields played great roles both gentleman and ladies .Here are  some names of Rohingya great persons of political field:   Among  the Rohingya commune initially , U Sultan Mahmood ,one of the Rohingya elected members appointed as  a cabinet minister of Prime Minister U Nu’s government, and in charge for the ministry of Education and Health. U Abdul Ghaffar and U Abul Bashar, elected members of Buthidaung became the Parliamentary Secretaries.   Thereafter suddenly he imposed violently discriminatory operations. Among the operations, the most notorious and probably the best-documented operation, King Dragon operation affected mainly Rohingya which had driven  out  about 300000 Rohingyas in 1977-1978.But most  of our people both literate and illiterate ones ignore to focus about the perpetual atrocities of Buddhist extremist gangs.
Due to the miscarriage of his previous strategies to deport the Rohingya commune entirely then  he imposed 1982 citizenship law  which is a discriminatory law according to international law, only prescribed intentionally to erase  Rohingya particularly from the national census and immediately cancelled both ethnicity  and nationality of Rohingya. According to the double standard rules of late dictator General Ne Win, predecessor of the world worst dictator Senior  general Than Shwe, he ruled the Union of Myanmar by double standard ruling systems in some of ethnic minority areas but particularly perpetrated inhumanely several  crimes against Rohingya  for  perpetuation  until  genocide accomplishment.  Shortly After 1988 uprising ,the military rulers set up several camps of strategic planning for military intelligence ( MI).later,   General Khin Yunt was appointed as MI chief and  initiated  gradually  killings, torturing, raping, arbitrary arrest, confiscation lands, imposed restrictions  for movement, religious functions, higher education, marriage, earning money . During his period of MI chief, most of the high profile religious scholars, experienced distinguished teachers ,illustrious politicians, well-known doctors ,etc are directly arrested and missed but it is terribly tragedy no body among the arrestees are returned home until today .He also stimulated racism setting mindset into every Buddist persons so that anti-Islam propaganda could reach every houses of Buddhists for easily eradication to Rohingya Community.
By the way, i would like to introduce here  the initiation of 2012 conflict in Arakan briefly: Politics is a dirty game; accordingly the current ruling party consisting of mostly military MPs in Union of Mynmar is well trained to play dramatically the political roles instead of true democratic policies. Therefore the president, Then Sein, a former military high rank officer  proposed the head of RNDP Vet Aye Maung how to strategically postpone the gradual ongoing democracy process throughout Rohingya populous area,Arakan mainly Buthidaung and Maung daw Tsps. The initiation of the conflict: On the evening of 28 May, a group of men robbed, raped and murdered an ethnic Rakhine woman, Ma Thida Htwe, near the Kyaut Ne Maw village. The locals claimed  the culprits to have been Rohingya Muslims. The police arrested three suspects and sent them to Yanbyey Tsp  jail. On the 3rd  June a mob attacked a bus in Taungup, mistakenly believing those Musilms were responsible for the murder. Those ten Burma Muslims were killed instantly in the spot who are beaten by more than 300 Rakhine extremists. But it was a drama how to initiate conflict between Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims. On the Friday of june 8,some Muslims from Maung Daw Tsp gathered after Juma( a kind of congregational prayer of muslim on Friday) to pray for those ten Muslims who are killed brutally. Since that time conflict was stirred severely and propagated so earlier around the whole Arakan territory but it is deplorable that the conflict was  sponsored from government higher officials directly under the Supervision of President Thein sein, who proposed the UNHCR chief Guterres to deport the Rohingya commune entirely into third country.the source: http://www.dvb.no/news/un-rejects-thein-sein%E2%80%99s-potential-rohingya-plan/22893
The deliberately happened conflict was created politically while the democratic reform process gradually going forward is only  for reiteration of perpetration against Rohingya in june 2012. Imposing fresh several hidden strategies increasingly since June 2012 is only to accomplish the rest procedures for  genocide against Rohingya   which was postponed   unfortunately due to the 2010 poll  by the predecessor of president thein sein, the former dictator currently retired. It is regrettable in reality that  both  the Myanmarese brutal ruling  chief President Thein Sein and the democracy champion of Myanmar, the Noble Peace Prize Laureate DASSK  dramatically asserted that the conflict was a communal violence  where  even the armed forces so called security forces shot directly targeting Rohingya collaborating with Rakhine extremists.
Apparently, since  several  decades  Rohingya commune  is coming across deprived of birth  rights and oppressed repressively from all sides even including religion by depraved minded ignorant Buddhist monks whose mentor is Wirathu backed by political institutions . It is horrific that the sisterhood community Rakhine Buddhist by the convincing of vet. Dr Aye Maung ,one of the mastermind of Rohingya genocide, who recently proposed in the parliament to segregate Rohingya as slaves of Rakhine .They are currently extremists who threaten violently  penetrating Rohingya populous areas to flee uncertain destinations closing both eyes  .it is deplorable that the security forces including all kinds of armed forces and government officials are looting Rohingya belonged properties, committing rape  perpetually to  immature girls  and elder women dragging out from houses to concerned official houses particularly Nasaka( Boder Immigration ) camps, arbitrary arrest without any alleged  and torture to death using many inhumane strategic  finally release bribing a great deal of money  to those who can afford otherwise detained  till dead and buried in uncommon places, blocked access of food distribution, banned proper medical treatment to any Rohingya ,restricted to earn daily need goods, and  sponsored from Nasaka to send abroad many rohingya youths and virgins collaborating with Rakhine extremists Party ALP who recently threw approximately more than one thousand Rohingya male n raped many women detaining  pregnant women in the sea.
 Another significant point for us to be noticed: once we apply as asylum seeker in foreign countries  then we have been imprisoned of handcuffing and granted temporary shelter under guarantee mostly but in turn of the rest communes all over the world that system is totally difference. They are warmly welcome and granted as asylum seeker with higher security comfortably.
 ‘’ Hereby i recall some priceless sayings relevant to peace and justice topics: paradise lies under the shade of sword. If you wish for peace, prepare for war.nobody can  give your freedom,justice or equality or anything but if you are a man,take it. Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.’’
Dear valued Rohingya compatriots it is too delayed for us to gladly approach unconditionally toward field of justice to achieve our deprived rights to struggle against the perpetually going ahead brutal regime of Myanmar who are being perpetrating rapidly several crimes even eventually against our Religion Islam . Currently  our mosques and religious schools are locked up by officials and banned congregational prayer which is mandatory on us five times a day. we challenge strongly that we never insult nor force  to any Buddhist to accept Islam .The glorious Quran witnessed that there is no compulsion in religion 2:256. This kind of violation against religion is exceedingly perpetration so there is no more time to await and watch criminally.
As i mentioned in the first paragraph about the rights and duties which are mandatory on us ,we have to perform dutifully to escape from severe torment of hereafter  therefore to save the remained Rohingya compatriots inside Arakan is the most inevitable duty for us and it is  commune compulsory duty but in this our current statelessness  situation in 2013 , that duty turned itself for us  as individual compulsory duty  which is to be performed by every Rohingya individual including baby of cradle and widowed women until we regain our  rights. For instance, daily five times prayer is individual compulsory duty which is to be performed one self otherwise it is unlawful.
Furthermore, i would like to express woefully here some controversial points about us: we are strong to easily condemn to our leaders but i think it is a great mistake because we have to issue interrogation ourselves as what i have done for the sake of my commune?. Thus, our respective leaders are more noble than me because i could not yet  do anything much or less as those who are  already have done something for the sake of Rohingya commune. It is more better to refrain from backbiting and condemnation blindly about the activities of the leaders.
In conclusion, When we flee abroad due to  threats and oppression then soon we  forgot the native place , Arakan, and majority of us stay carefree mostly ignoring to go back there again.since 1962 we expected and begged globally to help us and the voice also  about our chronic Rohingya plight crisis is heard as far as it concerned around the world but it is miserable currently the atrocities are being happened more than before and, we are completely forgotten by the world also . The Almighty, Himself revealed us through Quran to struggle to save those who are remained suffering oppression from the enemies: what is wrong with you that you fight not in the cause of Allah ,and  for those weak,ill-treated,and oppressed among men,women,and children, whose cry is:’’Our Lord! Rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors;and raise for us from You one who will protect,and raise for us from You one who will help.(4:75)’’  Accordingly, I would like to emphasize to my valued Rohingya compatriots to bear in the mind patriotism  to protect our motherland as  this patriotic saying: ‘’ love of motherland (patriotism) is an integral part of faith.’’ By the will of God, I’m hopeful that if we stand and struggle with integrity corporately we would certainly  regain our rights because of  which we are currently statelessness globally .It is too late so let’s wake up and make concentrated efforts which would yield our freedom only.
Slogan to  struggle for the sake of Rohingya: protect the Motherland,protect the People and let’s struggle corporately with integrity,wake up wake up dear valued Rohingya compatriots.
Article writer: Rafiq Shah @ Ibrahim Shah is a Rohingya youth activist and a fellow research in Sufism based on Maizbhandar philosophy.

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