Questions to Dr. Aye Chan by Political Parties


RB News
March 15, 2013
The Arakan History Forum was held in Bangkok, Thailand on March 9, 2013 under supervision of Historian Dr. Aye Chan. And another seminar was held yesterday in MICT Park, Yangon, Myanmar. Three Rohingya political parties based in Yangon requested to answer some questions relating to Arakan history. The questions were sent in Burmese language on March 13, 2013.
The questions of three Rohingya political parties were translated into English by RB Team. 
The questions sent by Democracy and Human Rights Party (DHRP): 

  1. Are there any records in Arakan chronicle that, with the help of Muslim troops under Gen. Sandi Khan dispatched by Bengal Sultan, Min Saw Mon (a) Narameikhla conquered Mrauk-Oo and reined the kingdom?
  2. Based on the above historical records, can it be denied that Muslims have been living in Arakan since 1430?
  3. Can Arakan chronicles that mention the reign of Muslim kings assuming the titles of Sultan or Raja be denied?
  4. Would you reject the evidences that coins were issued in Arakan in Islamic scripts?
  5. Is it true that, during parliamentary period, with the cabinet decision, the second independence hero Prime Minister U Nu had recognized “Rohingya” as a distinct ethnic race and Rohingya language programme was relayed from government’s Burma Broadcasting Service (BSS)?
  6. Do you deny the statement of the Chief of Staff Gen. Aung Gyi who, on behalf of the government, promised that the rights and privileges of the Rohingya people would be guaranteed as an ethnic group on par with other nationalities of the country?
The questions sent by National Development and Democratic Party (NDPD)
  1. Is monument or stone tablet inscription primary source or secondary source?
  2. Are the words or vocabularies found in Ananda Stone Pillar inscription Rakhine or Burmese language?
  3. Do you know the words or vocabularies found in Ananda Stone Piller inscription (Kyaukza) are on the whole similar to the language spoken by Rohingyas today?
  4. Do you know, according to purapaik (writings on thin and folded substances) preserved during the time of Burmese King Bodawpaya, the language of Wethali period has utmost similarity with the language spoken by Rohingyas today?
  5. Do you know there were Pathi Kala Muslims in Arakan during the reign of Bodawpaya and had appointed Qazis in 4 wadis (regions) or in the whole of Arakan by imperial orders for the administration of justice?
The questions sent by National Development and Unity Party (NDUP) 

  1. Do you know, in 1799 the British envoy Francis Buchannan in his research work recorded that there were ethnic Rohingyas, who were natives and had long settled in Arakan?
  2. Do you know, Francis Buchanan recorded the Rohingya language is a separate language different from the Bengali?
  3. Do you know, according to the report of the British Commissioner Mr. Charles Paton, the population of Arakan before British’s entry or 1823 was 100,000 consisting of 60,000 Maghs, 30,000 Muslim Arakanese and Burman 10,000?
  4. Do you accept the report of Mr. Charles Paton as primary source? If you accept it, do you want to reject those Muslim Rohingya Arakanese who formed one-third of the total population of Arakan before 1823 as second largest community and citizens by birth?
  5. Do you know, according to that report, Muslim Arakanese (Rohingyas) were appointed or had served the Burmese kings as commissioners, administrators, police officers, Kyun Ouk (Circle officers) Zamindars or landlords , Kyedangyis (village officers) ?
  6. It has been accused that during colonial rule the British had brought people to Arakan from Bangladesh. Would you mention the number of foreigners living in the townships of Maungdaw, Buthidaung, Rathedaung, Akyab, Kyaukpyu and Sandoway who were paying alien taxes?

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