Photo News Lashio, Police accompanied with terrorist: ဓါတ္ပုံ သတင္း

Shine Win
From Facebook
Islamic Religious Buildings, Muslim Populations and properties of Muslims are being targeted for the Terrorist in Myanmar since last year and the Government have not taking responsibilities for it. Since last year, there were Anti-Islamic Campaign was spread around the country step by step and town by town, at first, peoples think it is only concern for Border area affair. But continuously spread to other parts of the country and government officials and Authority leaders have been keep saying that they are investigating the hidden group but nothing come out yet. The President of the Union of the Republic of Myanmar formed several Investigation commissions and the results didn’t meet the peoples concern and those results also become encouraging the Terrorists group to continue their Terror one place to another place.In this kind of situation The Government should make a strong announcement and take action by showing Accountability and Responsibilities of what Peoples of the country wanted and why they have elected them to be in Governing Body of the country.

Most of the International Communities and organizations have been concerning this issues and one of the most powerful country on the World, U.S’s President Mr. Barak Obama also addressed about the violence on Muslim Population in Myanmar when he received Myanmar President U Thein Sein to his White House which created a Historical bilateral meeting of U.S and Myanmar.

I here by Urged Myanmar Government to take action very quickly and make a strong defense Strategy to save the country when it is at the time of Political changes and period of Democratizing and Opening up to the World by lifting Sanctions by World Powerful countries and Organizations.

— with Shine Win.


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